Advance Computer Services

Annual Maintenance Contract

Services and Conditions

  • The contract will cover the preventive as well as breakdown maintenance.
  • Any parts needs to be replaced or repaired for the system under maintenance contract will be at User’s own cost for non comprehensive and ACS’s ( Advance Computer services ) cost in case of comprehensive contract.  
  • We consider to provide standby equipment for critical cases as an additional services to our client.
  • Computer consumable items like printer heads, ribbons, cartridges, plastic parts, Lcd Panel ,kbrd/mouse are not covered under maintenance contract.
  • ACS will not be liable for any damages which occurs because of high power fluctuations, mishandling of the system, transfer of the system, or any natural disasters like fire, floods, etc…
  • User is kindly requested to take the backup on regular basis. ACS will not be held liable in case of data loss and/or software corruption because of virus effects, high power fluctuations, and component failure.
  • Any problem arising due to viruses will be chargeable.
  • The user is requested to renew the contract before the date of expiry, any maintenance carried out between the date of expiry and date of renewal will be charged extra.
  • We request customer to register a call with our front desk and take call id.